Open Innovation Day at The Black Pearl 17th of May

Open Innovation is  a new way for companys to become more innovative.  Take the opportunity to join a challenge from one of the largest and most innovative companys. In addition we offer a lecture on the subject of Open Innovation. Also free breakfast, lunch, dinner and good networking opportunities. Certificates to all participants. Registration and more info at

Schedule for 17th of May (in swedish):

09.00 Välkommen, frukost, mingel

09.30 Intro, crowding

10.00 Om Open Innovation, LU Open

10.30 Challenge brief

10.50 Kaffe

11.00 Start, steg 1

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Start, steg 2

13.45 Öppet forum, Lusic

14.00 Start, steg 3

14.45 Öppet forum, fika

15.00 Start, steg 4

15.45 Öppet forum och Black Pearl

16.00 Start, steg 5

16.45 Öppet forum

17.00 Slut

19.00 Middag på nation

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