FENA Business & Beer – Set your goal in order to fail!

Welcome to our next Business & Beer on Wednesday the 27/3 at 18-20. Last time, Lars Mattiasson and Katarina Scott from Creative Plot joined us and talked about the possibilites in risky and crazy propositions. They highlighed the fact that in order to reach success, one has to look at risk as possibilities, one such example was the production of the first Bollywood movie in Lund. During that evening they encouraged us to fail because it is probably the only- and best way to reach success…

The next Business & Beer will give failures the tribute it deserves, and the speaker for that is Philip Stankovski from cluster 55. Philip will talk about the importance of having goals in life and how goals are important in order to continue after failures.

This Business & Beer won’t take place at Ideon Agora, instead we will make a visit to the 1st floor in Alfa 2, also known as “The Black Pearl”. It is is a creative meeting place that will be open for students and other creative people in Lund.

Our goal for the evening is to inspire you to consider where you want to go, look at where you stand, the possibilities and risks that lie in front of you, so that you can set the goals for your studies, projects, startups or career. We at FENA want you to dare take risks in order to reach your goals and to understand that there is no reward without risk. Failure is on the road to success.

18.00 – 18.15 : Presentation of FENA, Black Pearl
18.15 – 19.00 : Philip Stankovski – setting your goal
19.00 – 20.00 : Questions then mingle and drinks

The Business & Beer event is not only for students, we welcome entrepreneurs, academics, start-ups and people in the business sector as well. We’re aiming to get the perfect blend of guests!

We will offer free beer and cider, but it is of course limited. So be on time!

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