FENA: Business & Beer – End of failure!

Welcome to the last Business & Beer before the summer!

We in FENA wanted to tribute failure by five Business & Beer events during the spring of 2013 to give different perspectives and stories about failures. We had several very interesting speakers this spring such as Helene Vogelmann (LU Open), Rickard Mosell (VD Ideon Innovation), Lars Mattiasson and Katarina Scott from Creative Plot and others. The speaker for this event, will be none other than Per Eriksson, rector of Lund University. There will also be presentation of the projects in Black Pearl; Demola, LUSIC and more.

This last Business & Beer on May 27th at 18:00 will take place at the 1st floor in Alfa 2, also known as The Black Pearl. It is is a creative meeting place that will be open for students and other creative people in Lund.
The Business & Beer event is not only for students, we welcome entrepreneurs, academics, start-ups and people in the business sector as well. We’re aiming to get the perfect blend of guests!

We will offer free beer and cider, but it is of course limited. So be on time!

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